Worlds first global coven...

I will be teaching The True Meaning of Witchcraft. Life, Death, and Rebirth. Necromancy, Planetary Systems.

I will also be teaching Spell-casting. For example: Protection, Love, Business, Financial gain, Property.

Mind over matter, How to be stronger with your inner self.

I shall be able to teach some of the above sessions in The New Forest. Where I was brought up Learning about Witchcraft and stems back generations into my family.

My Grandmother, Margaret Murray was the founder of Wiccan and my Grandfather, Alister Crowley (known as Allister) Was the founder of Chaos Magick. The only person who was trialed for Witchcraft but was not found guilty.

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The History ...

My Coven is Egyptian and goes back over 4600 years. Paganism is the oldest religion known to mankind but not followed through time.

But the Planetary Systems are changing.

Necromancy numbers all play a huge part in the present time on this planet.

I am here to help Mankind through that Pathway of Life, I am always here to help, listen, and be a guide to your questions.

You may have but never known whom to ask, or wondered if you did ask, would you be looked upon in a different manner, then stopped yourself asking.

Left wondering about The Unknown.

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